Winter Demo

by Omertà

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released December 21, 2015



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Omertà Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Death Row
Burning slow eternal, the beast doesn't sleep, incarcerated souls always staring at me, the choices I have made haunting me in my sleep, waking up to another day is torturing me
Track Name: Paranoia
Nothing's certain, left me for dead, only thing worse than dying are the thoughts in my head! Internal suffering, internal pain, eternal life's a lie nothing but a stain!

Still I take the burden, still I pay the debt, still I take the feeling of unending torment, brain plagued by demons, going crazy cause of it, tryna figure out my life, but I'm still frozen in regret

Take all of my sanity and place it in this cell, leave me broken leave me hopeless leave me stranded with no help, screaming to the floor leaving my voice so dry and hoarse, please just give what I'm waiting for I'm hoping for the worse!

Paranoia, I'm waiting for no one!

Paranoia, I'm waiting for no one!

I am dead to myself, stencil out my self worth, I'm society's curse, This cyclic psychotic crutch!