Capital Punishment

by Omertà

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released July 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Omertà Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Death Row
Burning slow eternal, the beast doesn't sleep, incarcerated souls always staring at me, the choices I have made haunting me in my sleep, waking up to another day is torturing me!
Track Name: Euthanasia
Insanity's looking at me, preparing myself for obvious defeat. A blaring white light I can see, awaiting my fatality.

Demons whisper secrets to me, the ones in my head are struggling to breath. I only believe what I see, I see death I see pain, see a crippling society!

Won't rest in peace, only rest pieces. Look down on me see all of my defects. I'll waste away won't see the other side, eternal life is a lie, we are just passing time!
I am waste nothing but a disgrace, feed me lies cuz I love how they taste! I'll waste away won't see the other side, eternal life is a lie we are just passing time!

Euthanize me, free me from this cell, I've gave up on God and I'll see you in Hell!
Track Name: Serve and Protect
Take my life from me, rights from me, laws for us are brittle. shattering our privacy little by little. Staring at the walls of this cell I'm left to rot, left to sit here with my thoughts, left to see my freedom lost!

See the numbers high and rise of these casualties, make me fucking pay the price make me see defeat, pull my teeth out one by one slowly torture me, genocide of all kinds trying to make this place clean!

Beaten broken down on the floor left me bleeding, tangle me in lies, suffocating I'm not breathing. Staring at the walls of this cell I'm left to rot, left to sit here with my thoughts, left to see my freedom lost!
Track Name: Supremacy
Slow burning rotting and dying laying my body to rest! There is nothing you can do except just hope for the best, but what the fuck will prevent me from being the next! I will just wait for the day they put my name with rest!

Wait and pretend everything is ok, lay and wait for the feeling to fade, if I could put my neck to blade, rid this world of my face of my hatred my rage!

We're a crumbling society,
I'm laughing at the irony,
How is your job to serve and protect, when innocence is dead, there is no justice left!

Label me as dirt under your feet
My hands remain on my back I'm not free
never succeed always will be put down, by a man with a badge and a face of a clown!

I'll take that fucking badge! And I'll shove it! Down your fucking throat! You fucking pig!
Track Name: Paranoia
Nothing's certain, left me for dead, only thing worse than dying are the thoughts in my head! Internal suffering, internal pain, eternal life's a lie nothing but a stain!

Still I take the burden, still I pay the debt, still I take the feeling of unending torment, brain plagued by demons, going crazy cause of it, tryna figure out my life, but I'm still frozen in regret

Take all of my sanity and place it in this cell, leave me broken leave me hopeless leave me stranded with no help, screaming to the floor leaving my voice so dry and hoarse, please just give what I'm waiting for I'm hoping for the worse!

Paranoia, I'm waiting for no one!

Paranoia, I'm waiting for no one!

I am dead to myself, stencil out my self worth, I'm society's curse, This cyclic psychotic crutch!